Trista Imrich, Wild Works of Whimsy & Lynnhaven River NOW

Must-Have Native Plants for the Home Garden

Ok, ok. You’ve heard all the hype about native plants. But which ones will work in your landscape? Whether you’re looking for a tidy habit, critter habitat value, or year-round seasonal color, there’s a native plant for you!


Les Parks, Norfolk Botanical Garden

Annuals That Can Survive the Long, Hot Summer

High heat and humidity, plus the occasional drought or flood – tough growing conditions all too familiar to Southern gardeners. However, there are annuals that not only survive these conditions, but actually thrive in it to provide long-lasting color in the garden.


Dr. Robert Lyons, University of Delaware

A Eulogy for Color?  I’m Not Ready to Gas Up the Hearse!

Color has been a dominant gardening force in the past decade, especially with the infusion of tropical, tender plant materials into the landscape color palette. Arguably, attention to earlier recommendations to carefully combine some colors, while avoid contrasting others, is becoming less stringent in both attitude and practice.  With the pipeline still flush with new, underutilized plants that fit a scheme of brilliant showiness, it is hard to believe that we don’t have many more years ahead of us to integrate these plants into commercial and residential garden designs.  This is especially true, given the almost steady stream today of “new plants” in the marketplace.   This talk will not only illustrate the current practices of bold color use but also help dispel any rumors of any impending demise.


Mike Likins, Plant Pathologist, Chesterfield County

Guarding Against Pest & Disease

New pests and diseases are emerging throughout Virginia that threaten trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plantings. Knowledge of these potential plant problems are key to stopping their spread and protecting your yard and garden.


Trevor Buckley, Timmons Group

Hardscape for Homeowners

Whether DIY or hiring a contractor, adding hardscape to outdoor spaces takes planning and know-how. Before starting a new project, find out factors in design and material choice that should be considered for patios and walkways.


C. Colston Burrell, Garden Designer, Lecturer, Author, and Photographer

Design Ideas and Plant Combinations for Winter Gardens

The best part of the gardening year begins as the asters are fading. The onset of winter brings a respite from heat, and signals the start of a season filled with berried branches and seductive silhouettes. Decorative elements and artful planting conspire to provide places to grow myriad winter-blooming plants such as daphnes, hellebores, and minor bulbs. This lecture focuses on the unique challenges of creating interest with both living and built elements and presents a variety of approaches to add texture, color and fragrance to the unsung season.